Angel Bascuñana Acero

Angel Bascuñana Acero

Inspiring people to be their best self



Madrid, España, Spain


Purpose Launchpad Mentor (Professional)


Challenge - 40th Global Purpose Challenge for Creating a Better World

  • March 1st, 2023
  • Mentor

Why I am extraordinary?

Inspiring people to be their best self

United Nation’s SDG of interest
Decent work and economic growth

Collaboration, Freedom, Integrity, Learning, Love

Soft Skills


Entrepreneur, Mentor

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Purpose Launchpad Mentor (Professional)

Purpose Launchpad Mentor (Professional)

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What's my bio?

My mission is to inspire people to connect with their essence and develop their full potential, bringing maximum value to themselves, their teams and society, to create a more fair, prosperous and sustainable world.

I have worked as a financial and business consultant at KPMG, being responsible for teams in projects for multinational groups. After 6 years, I wanted a change towards something more dynamic, and I took over as City Manager of the launch, growth and operations of Uber Eats in the Canary Islands.

After a few months of personal transition during the pandemic, connecting with my own purpose and changing life habits through self-discipline, I started working in the organizational transformation area of Leroy Merlin. My mission was to evolve the relationship model in central services, integrating the different business areas to work in an aligned way with a customer and data-centric vision.

In parallel, I started my business transformation consulting project, helping people and companies to align purpose, strategy and operations to focus on what differentiates them and add maximum value to their customers. 

Currently, I work full-time freelance on transformation consulting projects for companies, as well as conducting training workshops for managers and coaching sessions for startups.